You, Me, and Your Living Room: How You Can Be a Hit With Your Friends (and help me)


Do you like throwing events and parties at your home?

Do you like being the envy of your friends?

Are you a fan of live music and love supporting artists?

You are?!  Well brother/sister, do I have the opportunity for you!


Announcing the Winter ’14/’15 “Manteo to Murphy” Living Room Tour!

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Over the next 60 days, I will be performing a series of FREE* concerts in the homes and living rooms of friends, family, and fans across the beautiful state of North Carolina. And these aren’t just random homes — these are your homes. I want to bring my music to you and help you give a great concert for your friends, especially during the holiday season!

Click here to message me directly to discuss my open dates and what we can do to put your living room on the schedule.

Why living room concerts?

If you’ve followed my story lately you know that I’m relaunching a music career that’s been dormant for a while. Living room shows are a proven business model that allow an artist to connect directly to fans one at a time in an environment conducive to an intimate music experience. No noisy bars, drunk strangers, surly bar staff (like me), and parking nightmares. Just me (and possibly a friend or two) playing, and you and your friends listening. A living room tour allows me to reconnect to friends and build new fans while raising money towards the production of a full record in early 2015.

*If you’re raising money for a new record, how are these shows “free?”

They’re donation-only. There’s no cost to you other than providing any booze or food for your friends if you wish (BYOB and potluck work fine, or nothing at all too). There are no money guarantees, flat-rates, hidden costs, etc. It’s a model based solely on trust — I trust that you’ll make sure there are people there to listen, and you trust that I’ll put on a good show. At the end, there’s a donation vessel and folks give what they want.

Why only North Carolina?

I’m a proud native North Carolinian and love this beautiful state and the people who live here. In 5th grade I first heard “from Manteo to Murphy” — an alliterative phrase used to describe the distance across our state, from one of its easternmost towns on the Outer Banks to one of its westernmost in the mountains. I thought traveling the state (not necessarily in this order) and playing for friends only in NC gives me a unique and fun boundary to share my music. Plus I get to eat my weight in BBQ.

What are the times and dates you’re available?

That’s totally up to you, but I’m kicking this series of concerts off as early as the day after Thanksgiving! You’re the host and I’ll come to you whenever you’d like to have the house show. But the days of the week that seem to work best are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, and an afternoon show or evening on Sunday. But of course, if you think a Monday or Wednesday is the best night for you and your guests, we’ll make that work too. The start times are your choosing — whenever works for you and your guests (although a concert start time of 7:30 or 8:00 with the gathering beginning a little earlier seems to be a good model).

Click here to message me directly to discuss my open dates and what we can do to put your living room on the schedule.

Okay, I’ve got a living room! What else do I need?

Hold on, Cowgirl! There are a few requirements that you and I need to meet to make this work.

  1. Because this is your house and I’m playing for you and your friends, you’re mostly responsible for getting folks to come (although I will provide all the marketing material to help you promote). We need to have a minimum of at least 20 people there to make it the best night we can (which means you’ll need to invite at least 40 because, as you know, people are sometimes flaky). If 10 people show up, of course I’ll play as well as I’d play if there were 100. But it’s just best for the energy of the room (and your effort and mine) to have at least 20.
  2. You need to have room for all the guests to be able to sit comfortably in one room for at least 60-75 minutes (the usual length of the show). Now I’m sure your guests will mingle for an hour or two before or after, but during the show they need to be able to see and hear without being shoved in a closet or kitchen (unless the show’s in the kitchen and I’m cool with that too).
  3. Holiday parties are awesome and I love them (’tis the season!), but this concert isn’t designed to be background music for the cocktail hour (although if you want a cocktail hour of violin music for your soiree email me and we can discuss that separately). So if you want to have this show coincide with your holiday/New Year’s/birthday party, please know that we need to make sure we build the party around an hour-long “listening room” concert in the middle of it.
  4. And for the most part, this concert needs to be adults only. I love kids — I really do. And no, there isn’t any “blue” material during the set (no sexy Santa songs, sorry). But a room with kids is often a distraction to everyone listening, especially the parents themselves. Of course there are exceptions — if your or your guests’ children can sit through an hour of live music, then by all means. But an all-ages show probably isn’t best for this particular concert. Remember, I’m here to give you what I hope is the best musical experience I can give, and that’s hard to do when we’re wrangling cats. But if your friends have to bring their children, and you want to provide a rec room upstairs during the show for the little ones, I’m fine with that.

And that’s just about it! I provide the music, the equipment, the holiday cheer. You provide your home and your awesome friends. What we both get is a beautiful night where you’re the coolest party-thrower ever and I made some new fans and donations towards my new record.

Dates WILL BE FILLING UP FAST so don’t wait to get in touch with me. Contact me directly as soon as possible to book your living room show now (from the end of November to the end of January), and we’ll have plenty of time to work out the details.

See you this winter somewhere between Manteo and Murphy!









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