Announcing a New Record and a Winter Tour — In Your House!


I have a couple big announcements coming up!

A lot has happened the last couple months. So much so that I’ve had a little trouble keeping my bearings and figuring out what’s next. If you’ve been following my progress or you’re new to this site and me, here’s a quick recap:

  1. Decided that after years of not playing music that I was going to start writing and performing again.
  2. Called a bunch of my friends up and we recorded some acoustic versions of some of my songs.
  3. Turned those songs into a live EP that you can listen to and download for FREE here.

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New Video for “County Line”

New video for my song “County Line” by my brother Aaron Varnam. Live footage from the recording of my new EP, “Ghosts of the Past,” shot at Five Star Tavern in Wilmington, NC. Archive photos from my family’s collection, provided by my cousin Blaine Cully and the family of Dorothy Clemmons Steinbauer.


Shane Lippard: mandolin
John Fonvielle: upright bass
Ted Crenshaw: guitars, vocals
Jason Merritt: sound engineer

Download this song and the rest of “Ghosts of the Past” for free at

Ghosts of the Past EP Now Available

I’m so excited to share “Ghosts of the Past,” my first new recorded music in over 10 years. Captured live at Five Star Tavern in Wilmington, NC, this EP was made to share with you all as a thank you and to launch a new chapter in my life.

If you will, please do two things:

1. Don’t just listen to the tracks. If you like them, please download the album. It’s totally free and I’d love for you to have a copy of the songs and artwork wherever you go.

2. Please share the album.

More to come, including a video, live performances, and a full studio record. But for now, please enjoy our new music and know how much I appreciate your encouragement and support.